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BYAC Founders Update #2

Hi everyone, it has been awhile since we put out a founders update! Looking forward to getting everyone caught up to speed and knowing where our heading is. While we are quiet, we are rapidly building the infrastructure and plans needed to support future growth and expansion.

As you may have noticed there are more body type communities around now, we would like to introduce you to our newest initiative "The Lunacian Society". This multi-community development project is a big step for us in delivering unique experiences for role playing, identity formation, and just general drama. To support this we have opened and are actively working on a body type #ambassador program which brings in passionate community members who want a little extra, be more involved with the BYAC, and just build!

The "Faction War" has been noted to potentially become part of the world lore, and we are working on adding to this interesting story line until the end of the event! We love lore, we love drama, we love Axie, and most of all we love having fun!

Our parent company #Yakuainted is a tribute to world #floofination, and it sounds funny we know. The philosophy behind it though is grander than just BigYaks, it's about guiding and building neighborhoods within the global village.

Yakuainted is seeking additional opportunities to explore within the Axie and Ronin universe. In our pursuit we will continue to build communities like the BYAC everywhere we can, and improve on them each step of the way. What started off as a guy who just loved BigYaks and community, became a meme, formed a safe haven from overly critical negativism, defended against FUD, grew into this cultural movement, and is consistently striving to establish itself as a pillar of the Axie Community, is really neat. We will always be a home for those looking for refuge, friends, information, and anything culture related. We support our members to break out from their comfort zones to try new things and establish themselves in the larger community and the world. We believe education is incredibly important and kicked off community learning initiatives. We are egalitarians and communitarians, if we can help break barriers with the sheer support of the community we will do it. We are stronger, happier, friendlier, and more caring together. The internet doesn't just need more of this ideology, the world does. With us spending more time online we are hoping to change behaviors and ideas about working together for a greater purpose, all while enjoying the floofy nature from which we were born

We write the story together

What The Floof?

To start things off, lets briefly talk about some big upcoming news; we can't share all the details yet, however, we've been mentioning this for awhile. We are at the final leg of the race in obtaining some funding! It's been long anticipated and very exciting to see us grow to a point where 6 months of our work is baring scrumptious fruit. Additionally, we are in the process of securing further funding to help scale and experiment with new things that Yakkers and Lunacians can be involved and take part in!

Once the funding has landed we will be focusing on two main projects, firstly being AxieCon and the second our website. Both present unique opportunities to engage the community.

BigYaks & AxieCon

The AxieCon booth is a great opportunity for the BYAC to help add an additional layer of excitement to an already super exciting event, and as an opportunity to share our love of floof face-to-face. We will share some of the things we hope to bring to the Con, but, want to state that due to situations out of our control we may have to forgo some or all of what we are planning. We hope to bring a scavenger hunt, merch, give-aways, and vlogging opportunities.

The first thing we wanted to bring to the con is a scavenger hunt! We have worked quite hard on this project. Our plan is to hide stickers with QR codes around the facility for attendee's to track down and participate in special give-away's. We also have planed for a grand prize sticker which will be hidden so well we don't expect many to find it. The best part is, each day we plan to move the stickers to different areas, maybe even on people ;), keeping each day spicy. Think of it like hunting for deals on the marketplace! Prizes and details will be announced when the scavenger hunt begins. No maps, just all out fun.

The second is merch. We will be bringing merch to AxieCon, some we will just be handed out for free, others will be for sale. Merchcoma is real, and we expect to attribute to this wonderful feeling. We wont be bringing a lot of items, so everything will be in limited supply, which means, we'll have limited edition items that will be numbered. Shirts for instance will only come in a supply of 50, and sold in ascending order. Once merch is sold out, that's it folks, we wont make anymore. Why is this a big deal? A) it's the first axiecon, B) it's our first axiecon booth. We expect to run limited edition items for cons in the future. If you can't make the Con(s), don't worry.

Third is give-aways, BRING ON THE FREE FLOOF! we mean stuff. Other than the scavenger hunt, we'll be handing out stickers and possibly other items to Lunacians at the event, what is better than seeing an army of BigYaks? Nothing! A wave of floof will roll through Barcelona, this is the dream, and it's a good one.