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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

What we have been working on!

  • Received our first funding offer!

  • Started a company!

  • Commenced more website development

  • Grew the core team!

  • Hosted the collector's cup!

  • Assisted in the creator's program

The first bullet point can't be discussed much yet, but we are incredibly excited to have received our first funding round! Alongside this funding, we have started a company to allocate the funds appropriately and comply with local tax laws. This is incredibly exciting and opens many new doors for our fantastic community. This funding will be used to:

  • Strengthen our community

  • Increase the quality, quantity, and speed of our initiatives

  • Find and create a successful reward system for empowering our community members

  • Allocate and invest for the long-term sustainability of our community efforts

Website development has started as we look to create a hub for our community. It will be a focal point for tight-knit community bonding and the formation and fostering of new and old social groups.

Our core team is growing to split up the workload more effectively. In the past, in running tournaments and adding new things for our community, we have become easily overwhelmed. But now, with the core team growing, we can allocate work effectively to people who are pros in their given focus.

We also hosted the collector's cup! Which we would classify as a success even with the minor hiccups and learning curves that come with running a tournament. In light of this, we will be looking for an experienced person to run tournaments going forward as a part of our core team!

Overall our mission and vision have not changed!

  • Mission: To build an empowering melting pot community.

  • Vision: To extend our love of floof, philosophy of web3, and our culture internationally, thereby becoming the largest, most active, and culturally driven community of Axie Infinity.

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