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Comebacks Go Both Ways

Ube was resurrected. He felt stronger than ever before, and he knew that he had to return to the arena and defeat the Sumo Champion.

Ube entered the ring and faced his opponent. The Sumo Champion was a formidable foe, but Ube was determined to win. They fought valiantly, after hours of intense battles, Ube emerged victorious over the Sumo's.

Seeing their beloved and undefeated champion fall the Sumo Society and alliance were devastated. With the ranks of the Sumo faction dissipating, the leaders needed to formulate a plan to bolster their army.

Knowing there was one faction who would side with riches, they called upon the Fuzzy faction to aid them in battle. Fuzzys were known to be strong and fierce warriors, and the Sumos hoped they would be able to help them win back their lost ground.

Many Fuzzys heeded the Sumo's call to arms, and together they agreed to fight against the BigYaks. The Sumos were grateful for their help, and promised rewards to those who had had shown unquestionable loyalty.

Only time will tell if the Fuzzys will be the turning point for the Sumo Faction.

Can the Sumo's win now?

  • Yes

  • No

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