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The Date is Set

The peace between the BigYaks and Sumo's has come to an end. After years of living together peacefully, the two groups have finally reached a breaking point. War is now inevitable, and both sides are preparing for the worst.

After days spent in their war rooms , strategizing and planning for the upcoming battle, the BigYaks and Sumo's are ready to fight. Each side is confident in their own and allies strength, and they are both determined to win.

The battlefield is set, and the two sides face off against each other. The air is thick with tension, and the only sound is the thundering footsteps of the Lunacian giants marching to the battlefield. Whispers are emerging whether there will be mercenaries from the Curly and Fuzzy factions in this epic struggle.

This is it, the moment that will decide the fate of Lunacia. Who will come out victorious?

The war rages on from August 14th-17, and August 18th-20th.

Only you can determine the outcome, sign up now.

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