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Introducing BYAC's Community Engagement Reward System

One thing that's sure about the BigYak Axie Club is that we're building a community for the community. We are about giving a cool, safe, and positive space for all lovers and collectors of Axies, especially the BigYaks. Being true to the warmth these floofs offer us, we want to make all of our social channels ignite and reward positive community engagement. That is why we developed a system to effectively reward our members for their contributions to the community.

Community Roles

For the time being, we are implementing a new system in our Discord server. In addition to collector roles, Discord members are given roles according to their activity in the server. Roles depend on the members activity and is updated every 3 hours. The roles are ranked from the least to the most active: explorer, partaker, supporter, and builder.

To add value to the hierarchy of these roles, we have plans for community activities and bounties catered to a particular role. This would give both new and current members opportunities to be rewarded for their engagement. The goal is to encourage those who are in the lower rank roles to climb up the role hierarchy.

Engagement Rewards

We have to burst some bubbles here. We are not doing a chat-to-earn game. The opportunity to meet awesome people, make new friends, and learn from other's experiences---the community itself, is already a valuable reward. But we are also preparing exciting rewards for people who make it their goal to become an awesome builder with us. There will be role-gated giveaways, tournaments, events, and activities as well as opportunities for personal growth and social reach for each community builder. We will be highlighting member contributions, providing mentorship, and moral support to all community members as a thank you for making BYAC an awesome community to belong in.

And oh, you also get to earn Braids just by having conversations with people in the server. It is our in-server currency (not crypto related) that you can use in our in-server shop to buy special roles (for role-gated events), tickets, or even coupons that can be exchanged for Axie Infinity assets or BYAC merch. How cool is that?


How to Participate

There are plenty of ways you can participate in the community and grow your engagement:

  1. Show off your collections. Do you own a BigYak, Sumo, Japanese, etc? Show it in the showcase channel. We love to see your collections.

  2. Share your interest. Not a collector yet? Share your interest and learn from our resident collectors. We aren't just pure collectors either, we are also gamers, leaderboard climbers, breeders, traders, and content creators.

  3. Get conversations going. Welcome new members. Be genuinely interested in people's collector stories. Share your collector story or your plan to become a collector.

  4. Ask questions. BYAC is an awesome place to find answers to your Axie Infinity questions. We have a lot of experienced members whose experience can be a valuable help for you.

  5. Create relevant content and share it with us. We have a channel dedicated for you to shill yourself. You may even ask for our feedback. Are you into other projects, we also have a channel for that.

  6. Give us your feedback. Is there something you would like for us to improve on? You can submit it in our feedback channel.

  7. Write some lore. Communities thrive because of stories. Do you have a wild theory about some going-on in Lunacia? We'd love to dig into community-made lore.

A Collectors Collective

Our goal is to encourage the community to join and engage with fellow collectors in our Discord server. While we're opening the server to the public, we want to emphasize that we are still a community of collectors. Our goal is to give collectors a place to hangout and for non-collectors to eventually fall in love with collecting special Axies. Currently, we have special collector roles for holders of Axies with special bodies such as BigYaks, Sumos, WetDogs, Christmas, and Japanese. We will be adding Summer and Shiny soon!

Follow our socials and get into our Discord now!