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Lunacian Summer Daily Stats: 36 hours of hatching.

Welcome to the BigYak Axie Club 36 hour breeding report. We will touch on key data points that will help illuminate how breedings is going, rarity, trends, etc.

Honorable mentions

Summer Breeding Leaderboard

As of this posting cloudwhite is leading, with Artic closing in behind. The disparity between ranks is very low in the upper 3, however, larger between 5th and 6th. The race to a 6/6 is going to be a close one!

Shiny Leaderboard

Odin is standing solid for shiny's produced. While not on the breeding leaderboard, this is a huge feat. In second we see Immortal who hatched 4 shinys from the 26 summer parts, talk about more luck!

Breeding Report

Here is the 12 hour breeding report! Bugs are currently the least bred!

If this report helps you, we would appreciate you using our code: CTUWNSA9!