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Post-Mortem - Faction War Group Stage

The Faction War has already come to a conclusion. Such a close fight with a faction score of 123-121 in favor of Sumos! Congratulations are in place, and surely BigYaks will come back even mightier than before... Now, we take a look back and see how the participants fared in the heated battle between BigYaks and Sumos!

Data is based on the Group Stage only. Full disclosure of data here. Will release stats for the Finals soon.

Cumulative Axie Winrates

A mighty showing from these players!

Most Used Parts

v2 tanks are reigning supreme in Origins

Best Performers by Winrate - Cards (>20 Games)

A surprising Gravel Ant, c/o Nooblet

Best Performers by Winrate - Body Class

Not really surprising, considering these classes contain the most powerful cards

Best Performers by Winrate - Body Class

Supporting factions actually performed better than those who waged war themselves

Best Performers by Winrate - Individual Axie

DoubleJ's Axies are top of the line it looks like

Gero Winrate