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The Shaving Day Conspiracy

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Last night we experienced an update to Origin and it was a fantastic one at that! Many issues that players had were resolved, but, one unexpected problem occurred.

BigYaks lost their fur.

Now hear me out, I think this was a Sumo conspiracy to attempt world chunkanation. We know the Sumo faction hasn't been incredibly happy about BigYaks being world renown. So, to strike back they shaved and shrunk the Yaks. I know, I know, it sounds crazy but I'm serious.

There are two leading theories regarding this conspiracy:

  1. The sumo's snuck into the BigYak beach resort by bribing authorities with ice-cream and cotton candy. After infiltration, they shaved the BigYaks and used the power of moonshards to shrink them into normal looking Axies.

  2. While the BigYaks were sleeping on the beach after a long day of having fun and doing woohoo, the Sumo's stole the BigYaks fur to implement their plan of turning people away from BigYaks using covert tactics!

Now that BigYaks are indistinguishable from all the other Axie species, this was the time to strike. Posts regarding the loss of fur were immense, all of Lunacia was in shock over this disaster.

From @shipoo

Reports have begun to surface in Lunacia, BigYak fur is everywhere!

Lunacian leaders have quickly deployed to discover the tactics used against the loving floofy faction.

"We are in the process of investigating the missing fur. In the meantime, please apply sun lotion liberally to your Yaks as they are not used to the direct sunlight." - Jihoz

Thankfully, their efforts are paying off as the fur is being recovered.

We have contacted both the BigYak and Sumo factions for comment, however, they have not responded to our inquires.

Now the question is, what was the Sumo's plan and what are they going to do next?

What Conspiracy do you think happened?

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