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State of the Meta - Season Alpha

Around 10 days left until the conclusion of Season Alpha for Axie Infinity: Origins, the meta has been shaping up quite nicely. Here, we will do sort of a deep dive into what team compositions have worked well for the past month. This was a pretty short period of analysis, but who knows? Maybe we could see some use once we transition into Phase 3 where Runes and Charms will be available.


  1. The standard "not financial advice" yada yada

  2. Images below are sampled from players as visual aid, and should not be treated as the definite card set for such team compositions


Images are sampled from Axie Management

Prominent Team Compositions/Decks

Bloodmoon / Sustain / Healing

Archetype: 🛡️Control🛡️

Starting off with one of the most hated team compositions, Bloodmoon teams are currently dominating the top seed. The main game plan of this type of team is to pump 100% of your resources into defense and healing, dragging the game towards turn 20+ and out-sustain the opponent during the bloodmoon's onslaught. It is a very controversial playstyle, some saying that this team comp is very "uninteractive", along with the fact that games vs these tend to last 10 minutes or even more. Personally, I think we don't need to kill the concept as a whole - it just needs a bit of tweaking. Best reserve these thoughts for another discussion.

Core cards include Sakura (sometimes double/triple) for sustain, Cucumber Slice (which controversially improves Sakura's effectiveness), and Wall Gecko (allows the backliner to grit through bloodmoon with reduced damage). Ena is currently one of the top picks due to Mandarin and Magic Sack. Other cards/parts to search for should at least contribute to the cause of surviving or as tech cards.

Even if this team comp has gargantuan defenses, counters DO exist one way or another. Curse compositions with enough trashing potential can and will disrupt the team's defenses with curse cards, but be wary when facing Ena and her Mandarines. Very specific aggro lineups with Scarab, Swallow or any shield-breaking cards could also push through the defenses, but are still at the mercy of card draw RNG.

Machine Gun Puffy

Archetype: 💥Aggro💥

Who doesn't love Puffy amirite?????? The core concept of this team is simple: PUFFY SMASH. Baby gives so much stats it's not even funny. The most successful Puffies in the ladder typically run 2 energy generating cards to setup a bombastic Puff(Tail). If they manage to draw Puff(Tail) + 2 energy cards in one turn, best buckle your seat for a beating of your life (hence, Machine Gun Puffy). This team alone invalidates most forms of aggro, because why run nft Axies when Puffy smashes better? And did I forget that Puffy is an Aquatic, which means she has access to the most busted rune at the moment (Bloodlust, assuming you get one). 🤷

Core Cards are Baby for stats, Tiny Dino/Puff(Tail)/Little Crab for damage, Jellytacle/Puff(Mouth) for sustain.


But Balthus, isn't that just Puffy?

Oh right, I forgot you need 2 energy gain cards(preferably Nimo(Tail) or Cottontail) and you're good.


Kidding aside, basically you just need Puffy + 2 other offensive Axies with energy gain and you're good to go. It's THAT simple. Defensive variants exist aka "Puffy with bodyguards", or Mid Puffies that utilize aggro juggling to protect her. There's also an evil variant utilizing Confident, enabling the already hard-hitting Puffy to hit even harder. Bottom line, Puffy is so much of a value machine on her own that people are building around her.

Backdoors or any form of consistent AOE can shut Puffy down pretty hard. Reflectiles also shut her down just as well due to her ridiculous damage. If you manage to trip Puffy below 50% early, your chances of winning will skyrocket. Stay true to your principles and good luck out there, soldier.


Archetype: 🛡️Control🛡️

You thought that the dominance of Reflectiles from v2 would be over? Hell naww, they've rediscovered their glory in Origins by doing the same thing over and over and over again. Their game plan is to brick wall the front with at least 1 type of reflect, and let the opponent do the work. This is akin to a trapmaster playstyle, so if you enjoy watching your opponent suffer from their own movements then this is the team for you.

Their core cards include Indian Star, Scaly Spoon, and possibly Curved Spine or Cerastes. Other bleed cards compliment this team directly as it also hinders movement. Sustain cards can also augment the playstyle, although not as effective as dedicated Bloodmoon teams.