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Summer Breeding Event Parts (UPDATED)

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Are you wondering what parts you should be looking for, well we have the current consensus list for you!

Eyes riddle: groovy eyewear for the summer sun.


Ear riddle: famous feral ear. move slowly through the sea to learn.

Sea Slug + Nyan

Mouth riddle: a murmur & a perilous bite.

Risky Fish (Possibly?)

Back riddle: helium & a double shot.

Balloon + Furball

Body Type riddle: floating on the surface w/the testudines.

Back part + ???Mouth???

Horn riddle: fruit on the vine & a creamy swirl. divine.

Unko + Strawberry Shortcake

Tail Riddle: spin it fast till it's sweet. then look up.

Cottontail + Cloud

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