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The Defeat of Ube

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The distant battlefield was eerily quiet, the only sound that of the wind whistling through the trees. Suddenly, a loud shout rang out, and a new skirmish began. The clash of mountainous gods echo'd through the valleys.

The Sumo army was outnumbered, but they were fierce fighters. They fought with courage and determination, never giving up. The battle raged on for hours, but in the end, the Sumo's were victorious.

The champion of the BigYak army looked around at the carnage and shook his head sadly. He wondered what would happen next, and how much more destruction there would be before it was all over.

In an attempt to resolve the struggle, the Champions from the BigYak and Sumo faction met. The BigYak Champion, famed for his strength and size, versus the Sumo Champion, undefeated in battle.

The two fighters circled each other, looking for an opening. The BigYak Champion charged forward, but the Sumo Champion was ready. He deflected the attack and countered with a powerful strike that sent the BigYak Champion crashing to the ground.

The Sumo Champion lifted his fallen opponent, victorious. He had proven himself the mightiest fighter in all the land.

Olek, could not stand the sight of all the destruction. He knew that the defeat of Ube, the BigYak Champion, would only lead to more revenge. So he decided to leave the battlefield and find a way to bring Ube back to life.

He wandered through Lunacia, looking for a way to bring Ube back. He heard of stories of a mystic being that may be able to help him. Olek determined, continued to find more of this mystical being.

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