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The Stage is Up

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Quell the Uprising or Defend the Shattering!

The Federation of Lunacian Orders, Organizations, Fellowships and Societies (FLOOFS) present to you Bigyak vs Sumo 2: Faction War, a one-of-a-kind Axie Infinity: Origin Naked Tournament.

  • August 14-20, 2022; Registration is now open. Deadline is on August 13.

  • 80 max players; 40 from each faction

  • 3-day Group Stage to 3-day Double Elimination Final Stage

  • Round Robin Group Stage

  • Top 1-2 from each group advances to the Final Stage Upper Bracket.

  • Top 3-4 from each group Advances to the Final Stage Lower Bracket.



  1. Faction Axie: Each player must have at least one (1) Faction Axie in the team composition in all games to represent the Faction. For example, for BigYak Faction, 1 BigYak or Wetdog; for Sumo Faction, 1 Sumo or Spiky.

  2. Faction Loyalty: Players and Axies are not allowed to jump to other factions except for neutral Axies (i.e. Fuzzy, Curly, Normy, etc.). That is, Sumos and Spikys can only be used by the Sumo faction players and BigYaks and Wetdogs are for BigYak faction only as well.

  3. Faction Points: Each player's match win against another faction awards 2 points for the player's faction. A draw (only in Group Stage) awards 1 point. At the end of the tournament, Faction Points are totaled to determine the most dominant Faction.

  4. Friendly Fire: Wins against fellow faction member do not reward Faction Points.

  5. A maximum of 9 Axies can be registered.

  6. This is a "naked" tournament. No runes and charms are allowed at all times.

  7. No starter Axies allowed. No Puffy, sorry.



In the Round Robin Group Stage, players must play two games per match. Winning a game scores 2 points for the winner, draws score 1 point to each player.

Top 1-2 from each group advances to the Final Stage Upper Bracket.

Top 3-4 from each group advances to the Final Stage Lower Bracket. Losing in the Lower Bracket eliminates the player.


All matches are Best-of-3.

Grand Finals is Best-of-5.



A small fee of 200 SLP only is required so everyone can participate. 100% of the fee is added to the prize pool.

Total Prize Pool:

Looking to represent your faction but can't play? You may donate to the prize pool. Join our Discord at and chat with a @Yakologist. Prize Distribution: Grand Champion - BigYak or Sumo + 20% of the prize pool Runner Up Faction Champion - BigYak or Sumo + 10% of the prize pool Dominant Faction - each faction player will share 70% of the prize pool


THE STAKE: When the dominant faction is determined at the end of the tournament, all players and backers of the losing faction must announce on their socials that the winning faction is better... for the time being of course.


Now go! Sharpen your spikes! Tie up your braids! Oil your bodies! Shine your furs! We are going to pin some hairballs or pop some balloons!

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For more inquiries, join our Discord here: