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The Conspiracy Emerges.

Days after the #BigYaks fur was returned by the #Lunacian Leading Authority, we assumed there would be harmony between the factions.

However, the #Sumos have finally revealed their conspiracy, another Sumo uprising. Forming under their newest banner Axie Sumo Society (#ASS). They have sprung into action after taking advantage of the hairless yaks under the guise of a friendly faction.

Reports of Flyers being put around Lunacia have been confirmed:

The BigYaks are peaceful people, but with the sumo threat looming on the horizon, they quickly gathered to discuss how to deal with it. Wanting to handle the situation diplomatically they sent representatives to discuss potential peace, however, the messenger never returned.

The BigYaks were in an uproar about the missing messenger and a rumor that the Spiky's had aligned themselves with the Sumo's. Quickly, the BigYaks gathered together to form their own alliances.

The #Curly, #Fuzzy, and #Wetdog factions assembled at the BigYak embassy. There were debates over who should be allies with whom and it became a heated discussion. In the end, only the Wetdogs pledged to assist their floofy members. The Curly and Fuzzy faction was adamant on neutrality and not picking sides. Although curious about their motives, the BigYaks accepted their decision.

Excited about this new alliance and they could not wait to start working together to bring peace back to the land of Lunacia. They knew that it would be difficult, but they were confident about overcoming the obstacles ahead of them

Unsure what the Sumo's end game is, we'll need to gather our forces and take down these beefy bullies before it's too late. Who knows what kind of havoc they'll wreak if we don't act fast?!

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