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Update 7.2.2022

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

These update posts will be opinion-based pieces and are in no way financial advice.


Let's start with the obvious, this past week has been extremely exciting for Lunacians!

  • Land Staking + Profit Analysis

  • Origin Balancing update and Phase 2


Land Staking!

Coming from someone who has owned land since July 2020 this is extremely exciting as I am able to get a reward for this ownership. So let's dig into it!

Land Rewards are as follows:

Since I know a lot of people have speculated that AXS price will go down whether that is because of land staking or just because of overall market conditions So lets look at a breakdown.

Here is a breakdown of the daily reward for each plot based on the value of AXS from $5 up to $20.

As you can see the price of the plot correlates to earning more. It is not always accurate as a Forest plot is earning roughly 3-4 times a Savannah plot. If it were accurate then Forest plots would cost that same 3-4 times more. The price is not scaled evenly so if you are looking to buy a plot for the reward it is worth it more to upgrade if you can afford it. (Not financial advice)

Here is a chart based on current floor costs and how long it would take to be in profit assuming the floor stays the same and AXS fluctuates. This is not 100% accurate as land prices are not constant and would likely fluctuate as AXS does.

But as you can see from this table the best bang for your buck plot is actually arctic. Mystic is in a close second but a much heftier investment. Personally, I would go for an arctic if I was going to be buying land during this time.

Overall I am really excited to watch and see how Axie Infinity grows. I love being a part of this amazing community!


Origin Balancing & Phase 2

With a new update to Axie Infinity Origins obviously comes new balancing changes. I personally will not be going through all of them because you can view them here.

On to the exciting part of this new phase for Origins. Entering Phase 2 means that there will finally be end-of-season rewards! This season comes in at a whopping 49,157 AXS for the top 10,000 players. This almost 50k AXS is equivalent to $686,723.29 at the time of writing this.

Here is the reward breakdown for the top 10,000 players:

This comes in with the top 50 players earning over $1,000! Depending on who you are this may not seem like a lot of money but you have to look at it realistically. This is money earned for playing a game!